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Helpline: 407 415 7283
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Balloon Rides Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when do we meet?
We meet approximately one hour before sunrise.
This can be anywhere from 5:30AM to 6:30AM depending on the time of year.
44294 US Highway 27, Davenport, FL 33837.

Map to Welcome Center.

Where do the flights take place?
Our flights are in the Walt Disney Resort area.
Once everyone arrives at the meeting point and has checked in,
we proceed to the selected balloon launch site.

We have several locations that are used to launching the balloon.

Launch site selection begins at the meeting point when our pilot and crew send up a "pi-bal"
(small helium filled pilot balloon) to measure the wind direction and speed.

Based on the wind measurements obtained at the meeting point,
we proceed to the most favorable launch site.

On the way to the selected launch site, we may stop and confirm the wind direction
and speed with additional "pi-ball" measurements.

What is child age for a balloon ride?
Children between age 4-10.
No babysiting service available.
Sorry we can't fly children under age of 4.

How long is the flight?
Most flights are about an hour.
It just depends on weather conditions and landing sites.

Allow 3 hours for your tour.
This will include pre flight check in, safety meeting ,balloon inflation ,air time, landing, post flight celebration toast, presentation of commemorative flight diplomas and buffet breakfast.

What should I wear?
Dress like you were going on a hike in the woods. No sandals, high heels, or open-toed shoes.
It is not any cooler in the balloon than it is on the ground so we suggest dressing for that particular day's weather.

What can I bring along?
Feel free to bring along a camera or camcorder to record this once in a lifetime experience.

How high do we go?
We can go anywhere from treetops to several thousand feet.
It depends on wind speed and direction.

Will I be affected if I suffer from motion sickness?
No. As the balloon moves with the wind, there is none of this sensation.
A balloon flight is so calm, it is possible to set a glass of water on a table in a balloon
and not spill a drop.

How does it feel to fly in a balloon?
It's as smooth as silk, and a little magical.
Once aloft, there is no feeling of movement whatsoever.
You'll be floating with the breeze.

Is ballooning safe?
Safety is our first and foremost concern.
We fly the most modern and advanced equipment in the industry.
The balloons we fly are maintained in accordance with requirements established by the FAA.
Each balloon is regularly inspected and before every flight, we take precautions to ensure the entire balloon system is functioning properly.
We feature dual fuel systems and burners in all our craft, for your ultimate safety.

Are pilots licensed?
All our pilots are fully certified by the FAA as commercial pilots qualified to carry passengers in balloons.

Your pilot is highly skilled with hundreds of hours of flying experience and extensive knowledge of weather and flying conditions.

What if I have fear of flights?
Many people who have a fear of heights have flown with us and enjoyed it.
We do everything we can to make sure your flight is peaceful and relaxing.
However, if after take-off you feel uncomfortable, we'll bring you back down.

How do you get the balloon inflated?
A fan is used to blow cool air into the balloon.
Later the burners are used to heat the air as the balloon lies on the ground.
Gradually the balloon will rise to an upright position.

Is it quiet in the balloon?
When the burner is off, it is extremely quiet.
Quiet is one of the most enjoyable aspects of ballooning.

What fabric is used for the balloon?
Most common is Dacron or rip-stop nylon.

Does the basket sway when flying?
The baskets do not sway since it moves with the wind.

What sort of person enjoys a hot air balloon ride?
Hot air ballooning is a great equalizer.
We have witnessed happy faces from children to retired folks and everyone in between !
The real common denominator seems to be that everyone appears to really enjoy life and have a curiosity for new experiences.

What is hot air ballooning like?
A hot air balloon ride is spectacular and extremely smooth.
There is no sense of motion during the balloon flight, and if you carried a candle aloft it would not flicker.
There is no need to worry about motion sickness, like in a plane or a boat on water.
Your balloon ride offers unobstructed 360-degree views of our spectacular scenery.

Can our friends/family follow us while we fly?
Yes, you can bring someone along that just wants to watch the balloon set up, flight and landing. They may follow our chase vehicle in their own car.

Can we be in chase vehicle?
We have limited room in our chase vehicle.
Your friends/family can be in chase vehicle for $20 per person.

Is transportation provided?
Pick up service available at $10 per person.  

What is considered bad weather?
The pilot of the balloon has the final word on conducting the flight or deciding to cancel it.
The flight can still be cancelled after the balloon is inflated as weather conditions sometimes change at the last minute.

This rarely happens, but it is possible.

Winds greater than 8 mph on the surface, strong winds above the ground, rain, thunderstorms, fog and low clouds are some of the weather conditions that may delay or cancel a flight.
We kindly ask that you allow us to determine if weather conditions are suitable for flying.
Please do not go by TV or radio station weather.

We are experts in our field and have access to detailed, up to the minute weather information specifically formatted for aviation activitie's.
In other words please kindly let us make the call on weather conditions.

Your safety and enjoyment are paramount.
We have an impeccable safety record.
We strongly recommend that you have a back up date in mind for your balloon ride as ballooning is a weather dependent activity.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, our pilots are highly experienced professionals with years of experience.
The FAA issues commercial balloon pilots a Commercial Pilot Certificate with an LTA (lighter- than-air) rating.

Each pilot is certified.
We are insured through an aviation insurance company that specializes in hot air balloon coverage.

Will I get motion sickness in the balloon?
Motion sickness occurs to different people under varied circumstances.
Because balloons fly with the wind, we do not feel any significant turbulence
in the balloon while in flight.
Once the balloon leaves the ground, the ride is very smooth.
On landing, we sometimes bounce a few feet before coming to a stop, however, this should not cause motion sickness.


Orlando Balloon Ride Reservations

Orlando Balloon Ride Reservations