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Our Pilots

All the Pilots with Orlando Balloon Rides are fully certified by the FAA. We pride ourselves on having full-time professional staff to take care of you. Our pilots have over 100 years combined experience in Ballooning and a perfect safety record. They fly this area every day and know where all the sites to be seen are. They all have outgoing and genuine personalities and will keep you entertained and informed throughout the wonderful flight. We realize that this incredible adventure is about you, the customer and we promise that our pilots are highly focused on this. Come fly with us and see for yourself.

Federal Aviation Administration : 100% Safety Record

Dean Mabe - Pilot

Dean has been flying balloons for 13 years. He started with Sport Balloons Tampa, Florida, where he also became a repairman. In 1997 he became the commercial pilot for Celebration Aviation and general manager of their Repair Station. He also piloted many special-shape balloons in the US including Sunny Boy and Miss Daisy of the Seasons Balloon Team. He has been flying with Orlando Balloon Rides since February 2005.

Damien Mahoney - Pilot

Irishman Damien has been involved in commercial balloon rides in Orlando since 1999. He was crew chief with Blue Water Balloons for several years before graduating to commercial pilot. He has travelled extensively in the US flying balloons in Georgia, New Mexico and Arizona.

Mike Comerford - Pilot

Mike took his first flight with Orange Blossom Balloons, trained in the UK and US and became a commercial pilot. He has flown extensively for Orange Blossom Balloons and Blue Water Balloons and has also flown in Europe and Central America.


Orlando Balloon Ride Reservations

Orlando Balloon Ride Reservations